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that dude named martin

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia to hardworking parents and overachievers, Martin grew up in New York City where he learned a lot about life and grit. He learned how being different was an advantage. Being different is what New Yorkers are all about. That diversity could create opportunities that would bear tolerance, creativity, perseverance, courage, character and progress while still needing each other for all those to happen. Those formative years instilled curiosity and thirst for progress that is still reflected in Martin's personality today. Curious about the world, the different cultures, how things work and don't work and why everything has to remain in status quo.


Martin is an avid world traveller who is obsessed with Sweden and the Arctic Circle not to mention home-cooked meals and red wine. He's a big fan of cold weather and snow. Martin is also a die-hard New York Jets Football fan. He has developed a keen interest in photography and still dreams about building a modern barn house in a forest somewhere with his own restaurant not far away.

He is currently based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


If you want to see a big ear-to-ear smile, ask him about his goddaughter and her little brother.

Two beautiful little human beings named Emma & Ollie who never fail to capture his heart.

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